With Apologies

Sorry for the lack of… well, anything. I’ve been enjoying my off time between the end of school and the start of my new job (1 week to go!) and have decided that damn it, I’m just going to relax during these two weeks. (Which is the first time I’ve ever attempted to actually take time off of doing stuff, ever)

So every day since I finished school, I’ve done about an hour of intense cardio, followed by some yoga. The first week kicked my ass – but I can already feel the difference, especially in my lower back. It feels much tighter and less like I’m going to hurt myself just leaning over a sink!

And I’m also using this time to learn to beatbox.

Yes, you read that right. I’ma be the funky fresh beatboxin hair stylist!

Anyway, I won’t turn this into a “Today I made myself an egg sandwhich, and I played with my dog, and I watched Dr. Phil” type blog, so I should stop now.

In other potentially big news, I’ve started a new website. Local to the city I’m in, with the hopes of getting some people here to figure out what this whole “internet” thing is – and getting the scattered few that have an internet presence gathered together in one place. I’m cautiously pondering the possibility of moving this blog over to that website, but… I’m also a little nervous. Because there’s a lot of…  what Robert Cromeans probably never meant when he said “Dangerous Dialogue”. Picture in your minds the letters to the editor section of a newspaper, and you’ll have a good idea. Many authors, one site, heavy opinions.

And I think I would rather keep this blog separate from all of that to maintain my professional image. Especially considering if they’re associated, there’s a chance my clients could find the site (since it’s named after the city I live in) and read an opinion they find horribly disagreeable (written by me or someone else, it probably wouldn’t matter), and BAM – there goes a client.

It’s not 2001 anymore, and the need to maintain a professional online presence is important.


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