Hey err’body!

I’m back!

Had a nice two weeks off, and started my new job apprenticing at a Bumble & Bumble salon. It’s good, occasionally straining, and occasionally frustrating to not be able to do hair (mandatory 1-3 month assisting period).

So I’m trying to plan my ascension to awesome-ness while I’m mandatorily de-sheared. And I’ve come back to the idea of a website for myself.

Obviously I’ll have to learn to hit the mean streets and chat people up, and do all the legwork and networking… but in the mean time, a website would be a good thing to have. And I think I want a Joomla based website.

Joomla is a free CMS (content management system). And my reasoning for picking it over WordPress (undoubtedly the most popular free CMS) is just to make my site feel different – no matter what extravagant theme a site uses, I can always tell when the site uses WordPress. I can smell it. (Smells like bacon, incidentally)

And WordPress is slow. Sure there are pretty themes out there to transform it from a blog into this or that, but they all seem to load slowly, the javascript addons are laggy, and it just doesn’t feel…professional.

Joomla on the other hand has some very fast loading, pretty templates. (Joomla themes are called templates. Because they’re special.)

I figure the site will cost me something like $70-$100 to set up, then a monthly fee for hosting (probably around $7 a month).

But that’s just for the website, the framework – I’ll need content. That means…


I’m gonna need to do some sexified hair, and take some sweet pictures of it for my website. But this will be doubly hard, because instead of just experimenting and snapping pictures until I find something that works, I’m going to have to have a game plan before I start, so all the pictures have a matching theme – they’ll have to be a collection.

And to make it doubly, doubly hard (quadruply hard?), I’ll have to find good models, not just the first people I can get… and that might require some dough…

Oh well, nothing worth doing is easy or free. Can’t wait to get started! And I hope to find someone to get some behind the scenes footage too, so I can share some photoshoot tips & tricks. 😀

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