Photoshoot Numero Uno – and Website Update

Finished my first photoshoot for my website last night. I’m a bit hung over today, although I learned a lot of valuable things from the shoot last night:

#1. Don’t cut short hair in the kitchen wearing socks.

#2. Don’t invite friends that are silly.

My first model was a friend of mine, and I figured I’d invite another friend of mine over and we could all hang out while I cut his hair and do the shoot – WRONG!

My other friend (the one not modeling) spent the entire time trying to make my model move his head while I was cutting his hair. He would start conversations on things that my friend modeling was very opinionated on, and then argue with him so his head would move more while he talked! And then I told him to shut up or get out (things you can’t say when you’re working with people you don’t know), and he stopped talking as much but started tossing things at my model. It was crazy!

The haircut took twice as long because of it. haha

And then the photoshoot was insanely rushed and hard because of my friends goofing off. UGH. No more!

I ended up only having about 30 mins for the shoot  – that time includes setting up!

I didn’t get exactly the photos I wanted, due to my hyperactive friends goofing off, but I got a couple that look alright. Even if they look like they’re from a Sears catalogue. lol

Click to see full size!

Click for full size!

Also, I’m getting closer to having my site ready for launch.

It’s still pretty skeletal, and the photos on the site need to be replaced (hence the photoshoots I’m planning.) because those photos are from before I did hair, and I need something fresh and sexy-like to entice people with.

I’m still planning out what I should put on my site  – obviously the “about me” stuff, and the contact info, and a gallery of work… But I feel like it needs more. Maybe a blog? I don’t think I can bring this blog over to that site, because this is kind of backroom chat… not entirely kosher for the clients to hear. Not that there’s anything bad on this blog of course, but… you know. You don’t want your clients reading about how nervous you were when you tried _____, or how aweful the ________ turned out that you did last week!

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