DJ Muldoon & Friends

Last night I witnessed a bona-fied event in the new world of hairdressing – DJ Muldoon, with two other stylists, doing a live class/demo/presentation and streaming it over the internet, Josh XO style!

I found it from a link a friend posted on Facebook, they found it from a link their friend posted on Facebook, and so on. I started watching immediately, told all my friends, and within 30 minutes everyone was watching – and 30 minutes after that had found out about it and put it on their front page.

Now that is some real social networking at play. It was very cool, and really made me feel like I’ve come to this industry at the perfect time. It’s all shifting, adjusting, and redefining – and it’s fun to be involved while it’s reconfiguring itself to what the industry will be in the future!

But all my blabbing aside, go here and click on archived videos to watch what they were broadcasting live last night.

DJ said at the end that they’re doing another class on the 27’th – hopefully it will be broadcast too!

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