New Home!

Hey everybody! I’ve decided to move this blog to its own little place on the web. I renamed the blog since I’m out of hair school, and pretty soon now I’ll be finished my apprenticeship (holy crap, time flies!).

I chose Overdirected because it sounded better than The Blog That Was Formerly A Guy (Formerly) In Hair School. And I suck at thinking of domain names.

Anyway, I hope to restart this blog with some new content – some tool reviews, videos, etc.

If you want to see this blog grow and be updated please tell your friends to start reading it! I need motivation, and I ain’t above begging for it!

In other news, after finally using up my cheap Dannyco razor blades, I sprung for a Feather Plier:


The razor I REALLY wish I could find is the limited edition Bumble razor Feather made:


But after an exhaustive search (and believe me, I looked and phoned everywhere!) they just aren’t available anymore. Aww…

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