More Brushes

As you all know, I'm a tool whore. I love brushes and combs and shears and everything hair related! Anyway, everyone at work has these cool Bumble and Bumble brushes that you can't get anymore... Or at least, you couldn't until they released them again for Christmas! Yaay! So I of course … Continue reading

A Cluttered Mind…

Ok, maybe I'm a little obsessive compulsive... Before: After: Look at all that organization! All my tail combs are separated from my Y.S. Park combs (why don't I have any Y.S. Park tail combs? Because I'm poor and I haven't been able to afford another order yet.), and everything … Continue reading

First Blood

I guess I can't brag about how I haven't ever cut myself with my new razor anymore. So, Feather razors are SHARP! I didn't even cut myself while I was cutting hair, it was while switching my comb from hand to hand. Lol I've used it for two haircuts now though, and I am so sold on an … Continue reading