$1000 Registered Apprentice Program Grant 2 comments

Here in Canada, we have a grant thingy for apprentices in red seal trades. (A Red Seal is a nationwide license, so you don’t have to apply for another license if you move to another province)


Anyway, long story short, very shortly I will get a $1000 cheque. And I have no idea what to do with it. I’ve tried to come up with ideas… But none of them have stuck so far.

I want to use the money to either make my life better (I.E. something to improve the quality of life, ease of life, or something fun!) or something to make me a better hairstylist.

But I’ve seen a lot of DVD’s, and there aren’t any classes in my town (and I don’t drive or have a car, and can’t really get to other cities very easily…), I don’t really NEED any more shears (although they are so damned collectible) or brushes or combs…

Maybe I should just sit on it.

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2 thoughts on “$1000 Registered Apprentice Program Grant

  • admin Post author

    That thought has crossed my mind! I am definitely going to save some money to travel places and go to things I’d never be able to go to normally.

  • Zen

    What about coming over to the UK for a hair show/course? Fun and good for your craft/different influences etc. Our main trade show is Salon International in October. Zen