Head lice in a salon

This isn’t actually her. This is a pic I stole.

A girl with lice came into the salon. She wasn’t a kid either – maybe 16, very clean looking, not the sort of person you’d really think to check first! And the girl doing her hair didn’t notice until she had already started the service! O.o

The young miss was told about her infestation situation in a very kind way, the stylist talked with her mom about what she had to do, and they left the salon ASAP. And then I went NUTS on decontamination. The poor stylist was rattled, I jumped in and had all the cleanup stuff ready while she was talking to the girl’s mom, and we cleaned everything that even came close to the girl. I shampooed the stylist (it sounds like

I’m writing some sort of crime documentary… “Then, at around 3:46 pm, the stylist was shampooed…”) with some heavy heavy tea tree oil shampoo.

I’d seen lice in hair school (everyone was trained to check everyone under 18 before starting anything), but in the last year of working in a real salon this is the first time I’ve seen it.

They don’t creep me out, but man, my head felt strangely itchy after that…

And how do you not know you have lice?! Don’t you feel them? (The girl and her mom weren’t pretending to be clueless, or if they were, they were damn good fakers)

Anyways, I don’t think this post has a point. Other than lice! ZOMG LICE!


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