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The longer you’re in the hair industry, the more you’re going to see how much bullshit pressure there is to unquestioningly praise education. In schools, in hands on classes, in seminars, etc.

It’s just sort of drilled into everyone’s head. Ask almost any hairstylist about what kind of classes or education they go to, and they’ll go on about the importance of continuing education and how it keeps them fresh and how much they love the hair industry, and blah blah blah – and right now, I sound like a totally jaded, cynical douchebag, right? I mean, that sounds great, right? That’s what we’re all supposed to do! Love what we’re doing, be humble, practice the craft, and keep learning! This is a lifelong learning thing!

That’s the bait. That’s why I don’t blame everyone I’m about to call out. Because that is something worth aspiring to! And it is a great thing! But something happens along the way, and then everything related to education turns into a battle of who’s the most humble person, and who opened themselves up to learning the most. Which is just laughably ridiculous.

And every now and then you go to a class that stinks.

If you mention that the class stunk, everyone will jump on you and start saying you’re too high on yourself, and you’re closeminded. You need to open yourself up to education more! You don’t know everything! And then they’ll list all the things they learned and how awesome they are for being so humble (Ha!) and open to learning.

It’s a social fear thing. Peer pressure and all that. They’re all so invested in this image of the humble hair stylist that any perceived attack on their world view sends them into shock and violent opposition. If they stop blindly praising everything and everyone, then other people might stop blindly praising them, and then their whole self image would crumble into dust!

Whoa, deep huh? Haha

I, however, have no qualms calling out shitty education when I see it. And I am fully capable of objectively judging teachers and the content of what they’re teaching. And I want to make other people feel like they can too. If you didn’t learn anything from a class, or dvd, or whatever, that it’s not automatically your fault. Screw that shit. You can be open to education and still not learn anything from a seminar if the person speaking doesn’t know what he/she’s talking about, or just sucks at teaching!

And this happens a lot. Especially in the hair world, because often people are selected for teaching or educational positions based on criteria that have NO relation to teaching ability!

Don’t be afraid to stand out from the rest of the hair stylists. And don’t be afraid to resist towing the party line! You can be humble and still call out bullshit when you see it.



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