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Well I’m long since done the hours required for my apprenticeship, so I went and paid the fee and signed up for my final tests. Which I should have done many months ago!

There’s a practical test, then I get my license, then I can write a written test for my Red Seal. The Red Seal (if you’re not from Canada) is an interprovincial license – so if I move around Canada I don’t have to keep taking tests and getting licensed in every province.


I get those things done, I’m also eligible for a couple grand in grant money! Not sure what I’ll do with it yet. The immediate thought is to replace my stolen camera gear of course, but I think it might be better to use it to further my life in a more direct way.

Also, and I have no great way to segway to this, I’ve been having trouble at work lately. About 4 months ago, I was diagnosed as having Bipolar Disorder and also Social Anxiety Disorder – neither of them were a surprise, I’ve been pretty sure for the last 3 years that I’m bipolar. I’m not going to go on about the disorders, because this blog isn’t about that, but the bipolar makes maintaining work performance and consistency difficult, and the social anxiety disorder makes all forms of social contact difficult and painful.

So although I’m more successful at work now than I’ve ever been, doing more clients, getting bigger tips, more referrals, I’m also in other ways doing really bad at work, and have gotten in trouble with my boss due to my disorders, and the side effects of the medications I’ve been trying out have been crazy and sometimes seriously dangerous to my job.

It’s a very confusing, topsy turvy time right now, and it’s been very hard to keep up with everything on my plate, but I hope to be back to updating this blog often and hopefully get an extra episode of CrossCheck in to make up for the one me and Josh couldn’t do today.


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  • jess

    I have the same disorders. I am always surprised how many people are dealing with this shit, yet how little understanding there is for it. It is almost like being penalized for breathing even though you know everybody is doing it too. I comiserate.