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I had some free time today, and I hate sitting around. So I decided to give my station a thorough cleaning. I use those little plastic organizer trays to keep everything neat and tidy, so I took them out and washed them, got rid of all the hair and dust and etc… Then came time to clean all my tools. My irons got dusted, flat iron de-gunked, and my brushes:


My brushes got very thoroughly cleaned. I use the Denman brush cleaner to get rid of hair, scrub them down in water (used to use ship shape but ran out), and then because the handles often get sticky from me having styling product on my hands during the blow dry, I grab a rag and rub down the handles of each brush with this stuff:

Goo Gone


Works wonders for keeping everything clean and nice, and hasn’t worn off the finish of anything yet.

And look how bad my shear case was:

You can see the outline of the shears in the dust and nastyness!

After a good cleaning, it was much happier:

Shear case, sam villa shears, kasho silver shears, centrix shears

So that’s what I did with my free time. That and take pictures of everything.

What do you do when you’ve got periods of empty, nothingness in your schedule?


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  • Lauren

    Hi Damien, I happened upon your site while doing a search for unbiased reviews for Sam Villa shears, while there is one day left to save a hundred bucks on them. Your video from your old site from a few years ago was actually really helpful! Just wanted to let you know I love your blog and as a fellow hair tool junkie, I find looking at pictures of clean brushes and shiny shears packed nicely in their case wildly (and maybe weirdly) entertaining. I look forward to checking back and reading more, looks like you are already well on your way to some amazing success in your career. I truly believe it’s one of the best jobs in the world!