Government Practical Exam

I did my final exam, the provincial practical exam, and if I passed I’ll get my journeyman’s license. I hope I passed, I don’t want to do that again!

And it was even tougher – because of coincidence I got an easier test. It used to be  you needed multiple models, and  you did like a taper cut, color, layered haircut, perm, pincurls, fingerwaves, god knows what else. All on the same day.

But they split those up into two practical tests and I had already completed my period 1 test (which was a written test at the time), and I got the new period 2 test which was a fake color application with gel, and a real perm on a model. I only found my model two days before the exam.

It’s funny I didn’t have to cut any hair at all to get a license to cut hair.

Anyway, I hope I passed! I know  messed up on a LOT of things… Everytime I messed I realized a second later. Oh well, nothing I can do but wait.

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