Talking to Hair School Students

Well, I did my talk a few days ago at the hair school. I had 2.5 hours to fill, and luckily that’s exactly how long my material lasted!

There were about 16 students there, and as you’d expect for hair school, 5 or so were listening intently and the rest were off in their own world.

I talked about a lot of things, I found it surprisingly easy to talk to a group of people, but then I like being the center of attention. Haha

I gave them cards with the address for Crosscheck TV, and this blog, but none of them have visited either site. (I have web stats, I can see who visits!)

There’s a couple people that looked like they’ll do well, and one girl that stood out from the rest.

Anyway, I hope to do it again! I am going to go back and find the teacher that was there during my talk and ask her opinion on what I can improve. I think I may have put too much information in (I tend to do that), I should probably space the info out and give it time to sink in. I should also go slower… I’m a very fast talker and thinker and I have trouble slowing down to “normal” speeds. lol

I definitely need some flip charts though. And some bar graphs. Can’t have a talk without those!

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