Did My Practical, And I Am Am Not Homeless

So in the past month, my dad had a heart attack, had his 60’th birthday, a couple days before that my parents got officially divorced, my mom moved across the country, and me and my roommate gave our one month’s notice with a plan to find a 4 bedroom place with these two girls, and I did my final government exam. With a model I found 2 days before the exam.

The government exam is like your state board if you’re american.

No idea how I did yet… I wrapped the best perm I could, I know I messed up on a few things. Anyway, we got the watered down exam (that’s in another post, Government Practical Exam) and hopefully I did alright.

The moving situation had me stressing the hell out – I had been given all this nice antique furniture by my mom (cheaper than moving it across the country), and I don’t drive – so not only do I not have a way to move MY stuff, I can’t move the furniture. And we’re talking a LOT of furniture. The real stuff, not Ikea. Here it is crammed into my little house. We didn’t have room in the kitchen for the kitchen set, so the china cabinet and table are in the living room, and the sideboard is in the kitchen, along with a few little rolly islands and two tables that expand with wings.

China Cabinet

Kitchen Table




Couch & Wingback Chairs


And we couldn’t find a place, and every place we found the girls found something they didn’t like about it. It was getting bad.

Then we got down to crunch time – a few days left in the month, we found a place we all liked, we talked to the landlord ahead of time to have her check our references so we’d be able to sign a lease at the viewing on the spot if we liked it. 2 hours before the viewing, one of the girls texts me – “I won’t be able to make the viewing. Something came up.”.


A couple minutes later… “I don’t think this is going to work, sorry.”

Double shit.

I owe my friend 10 bucks. I was all like “Naw man, she’s 19 but she’s not like normal 19 year olds, trust me” and he was all like “Dude, so when are you gonna look for 2 bedroom places when the girls bail on you?”. Can’t say we didn’t see it coming. Me and my current roommate were trying HARD not to bail on the girls, and to handle their teenageryness and young girl-ness.

Anyway, long story short there was a chance I’d be sleeping temporarily on my friend’s couch, popping both reactine and benedril like crazy (he has two cats and never cleans), and putting the furniture in storage.

Luckily I was able to repair the damage done to our relationship with our current landlord by my roommate (Long story), and we have a place to stay. And I was stupid and learned from my stupidity about that situation. So we have a place to life for the moment.

I will never ever move in with a teenager or person under 5 years of my own age from now on, I promise.


Happy Birthday Me!


Also, it’s my birthday in 4 days. I bought myself some presents, since there isn’t anybody to buy them for me. (Insert sad violin solo here)

One of them is a Boxee Box. It’s a cool gadget you plug into your TV, and it goes on your network and you can play anything on your computer (movies, music, photos) on your tv. Super awesome for a guy like me who owns no DVD’s.

Also… I finally got over to the guitar shop run by a local luthier (someone who makes guitars). I had friday off for once. We chatted for what felt like a good hour or so, I brought in the first guitar I ever built and he said it was pretty good for my first guitar. His were a wee bit better. We talked about the ins and outs of guitar craftstmanship, he was a super cool guy. I remarked on a giant signed posted of Blind Melon, and he said “Yeah, I interviewed the lead singer 2 weeks before he died”. He did radio for 30 years, he’s interviews EVERY band you could imagine.

I ended up leaving with a 1972 12 string acoustic: (Which in 2012, makes it 40 years old!)


1972 Shelby 12 string acoustic


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