Back from the Schwarzkopf Color Class

Before I write the bulk of this post, I have to say I got the results back from my final licensing test – I passed! I’m now a fully licensed hairdresser! Now to go do my red seal exam.


Well, I’m back from the class. 3 days long, each day was a short day (like 9:30-4), the first two days were very basic stuff. Most of it I still remember from hair school. The third day was more experimental, using different options of color (glosses, concentrates,etc) as fillers and going darker with demi’s and their 10 minute processing color. The mannequins we used were pretty shoddy, they didn’t take color evenly or lighten much.

I liked the third day, it was more educational, but truth be told I just liked being in a nice new building with new people and in an educational setting.

There was a strange mix of personalities at the class – a burnt out ex educator/salon owner who had to be the loudest most argumentative person in the room, an older woman who works out of her home, a girl 6 months out of school, some other chick I didn’t really talk to, another chick I didn’t talk to, myself, and the other girl from my salon.

It was personally challenging, given my disorder and the mix of situations and personalities there. I stayed at the house of a friend of a friend, on the sofa. It was awkward and for most of the time in that city, in the class or otherwise I felt very isolated… But that’s just normal I suppose, I feel that way in the salon, pretty much everywhere.

I like educational environments though because it gives me a chances to succeed at something for once! Educational settings and dealing with clients are the only times I really feel like I can be myself and relax for some reason.

The class cost something like $400.

The most impactful thing about it was just interacting with other stylists. There should be an easier way of doing that.


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