Off to a Schwarzkopf Colour Class

It’s 1 am here, gotta get up at 5 to drive to another city for a 3 day Schwarzkopf colour class.

Blech! I probably won’t be able to get to sleep till 4, then I’ll get an hour’s sleep, drive 2 hours to another city, then day 1 of an 8 hour course. Staying over at a friends house, but I hope it’s not awkward because I’m like…almost 10 years older than the girls I’m staying with. Weeeeiird! Good thing I’m not a creep.

I managed to fit all the stuff I need to take, and clothes into one suitcase! I’m like…super packer man.

Packing for Schwarzkopf Classes


Packing for Schwarzkopf Classes



I’m not entirely sure what the course will encompass, to be honest. I think it goes through some colour basics, and some colour correction. And it’s 3 8 hour days. And expensive. Hopefully I learn something!

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