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Just got back from my first ever Bumble event, a pop up workshop with Nico and Corinna. A couple people from all the nearby Bumble salons were invited, they held it in a rented out studio space. It was very cool, laid back, educational, and cool watching some great stylists do some great hair!


Bumble and Bumble pop up workshop Edmonton

There were a lot of people there, I of course only took pictures before everyone showed up and didn’t take any pictures while I was doing stuff.

We watched a number of demos, which were actually pretty cool because they did looks that were actually on fashion week runways.

Then we all got sent off to the session styling area and told to think of a reference and make a look on our model – my original idea was a dreadlocked Sumo inspired hairdo…But that was too much work so I started twisting and backcombing the hair  for some interesting texture instead. I ran into a time crunch and finished the top of the head and pinned a few things back at the 5 minute mark, and it looked interesting – very character hair, but I could see ways for it to have been better.

Bumble and Bumble pop up workshop Edmonton

Learned that you have to think realistically when you think of what you’re going to do with hair, don’t overpromise on a time budget.

It was overall a relaxed and groovy environment, and I of course didn’t bring some things, we blew fuses, all that stuff happened. I think I’m going to get a bag to use as a session bag.

Bumble and Bumble pop up workshop Edmonton




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2 thoughts on “Bumble and Bumble Pop Up Workshop

  • Overdirected

    Haha they did that here too. Didn’t bother me much since the salon I work at has old wiring, and for a long time if me and the girl next to me used our blow dryers at the same time we’d blow a fuse… It happened SO DAMNED MUCH, and we never expected it (somehow we always forgot that that happened all the time) and one of us would have to go to the backroom and flip the breaker. haha

  • stephen

    i did this class when they came through austin. they flip the breakers on and off to fake the electricity going out, and it was driving me bonkers lol. they also separated our models from us so when it was time to start, somehow some people’s models were “late” or “they couldn’t find them.”

    good to know it happens in real life all the time though.