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The Hair Show:

I got up way to early today to head up to Calgary for the ABA (Canada’s only real hair show), which Tabatha Coffee was at again, and so was Jake Thompson! I went both days, and man was I exhausted after that!

The first day I had to RUSH home to do an episode of CrossCheck TV  with Tuesday Teal (daughter of Ryan Teal). Doing that show is really a lot more work and takes more effort than I think people realize, I’m always beat after the show, and it takes a lot of planning and prep work. We’re thinking about cutting the episodes down to 30 minutes or so. Opinions? You can watch the episode here:

Tuesday Teal on CrossCheck TV

I think I looked a little out of it during the episode… I got home literally 15 minutes before showtime, so I had to rush to get everything started, we had technical errors, and I was running on no sleep, no food, and I had a beer. I was pretty damned giggly. haha

Tabatha Coffee at Calgary ABA

Tabatha Coffee at Calgary ABA

At the hair show, I said hi to Jake after he got off stage, and it was a little weird! I had talked to the guy for a couple hours on the show, but meeting him in person was strange, I felt like Wayne and Garth when they meet Alice Cooper. Definitely felt like a super hair newbie talking to a cool platform artist. But he was super cool and friendly!

Tabatha gave basically the same speech she gave last year, but it was much more polished this time around. The Q&A is the best part anyway, imho. I asked her about good education vs crappy education, and she basically just said there’s good and bad and that’s just how it is, also people learn in different ways, etc etc.

And at the Sam Villa booth, one of the girls recognized me from the video review I did of his shears that pops up when you google Sam Villa shears. That was weird! haha

As usual, there were  tons of super hot chicks in scantily clad outfits parading around, lots of bad platform stuff and hawking of goods. I really missed having a camera… Everywhere there seemed to be an opportunity for a great shot. 🙁

Some stages were downsized, some companies weren’t even present. Hair shows are a strange and sometimes sad thing… But I still didn’t want to leav

e. I so rarely get to be around that many hairdressers, good or bad. I’m always stuck in my little salon environment, and salons don’t mingle, so you can’t go hang out with the crew from another salon. It’s frustrating and suffocating at times.

Calgary ABA Models

Just a random pic because I had no camera. DAMN YOU THIEVES!


Random Recent Personal Realizations:

 I need a lot more education.

I don’t know how or where to get quality education. And my brain is muddled, like a university student, from having too many thoughts and ideas stuffed in it at one time.

Everyone keeps  telling me to stop, slow down, stop with the education and just cut hair more right now. It’s frustrating, but I know they’re all right, because that’s usually the right advice when you learn anything.

I need…something. Authenticity, road miles, experience, something. I’m still just another young hairdresser, I need some big things under my belt quick, in the next year or so, so that I have some street cred. Even if it’s just a little bit. I just feel I need to do more and get ahead, whatever ahead is, so that I learn more and my thoughts and opinions have a  better backing in the real world, and I’m a better hairdresser.

I don’t know if I want to be a platform artist.

I don’t know if I want to be an educator.

I don’t know where I want to work in the future.

A lot of my career problems exist because I don’t fully know who I am as a hairdresser, or where I’m going.

I do know I want to own a salon, and am working on a 10 year plan to save the money I’ll need, learn the things I’ll need, and get the experience I’ll need to do it.

Overshare: The medicine I’m on makes it easier to interact with my co-workers, but I feel it makes me slower and less…sharp… as a hairdresser, and has definitely taken away some of my drive and motivation. But I have to weigh this against the cons of not taking the medicine. It’s a very heavy topic that weighs on me at times.

I think I’ve finally realized what kind of clients I want, and now I have to figure out how to get them, in addition to the bread and butter clients.





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3 thoughts on “Calgary ABA – Again

  • Zen

    Hi Damien

    Keep the blog up – always a great read! With regards to where you are going, I think you are hitting a plateau that we all hit at some point and we wonder what is it all for. Don’t worry about whether you should be a platform artist or educator. You should aim for being a successful salon stylist first. That means building and retaining a clientele. Until you have your column pretty full month in, month out, forget about everything else. It normally takes several years. But it is worth it, because whatever you do from that point on, you will do with the confidence that you are a commercially successful stylist. And that’s powerful. If you get frustrated artistically, you should supplement your paid work with models and photoshoots and build your portfolio. Best wishes, Zen

    • Overdirected Post author

      Thanks so much for reading and taking to time to comment!
      Your advice echoes what I hear from a lot of people I respect.
      I’m doing my best to keep doing the beginning stuff of this industry, and growing things the slow way, but I’ve never been a patient person so it takes a lot of effort!
      I’m trying to organize some fun stuff to do on my off time though, to alleviate some of the frustration. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a photoshoot!