I Never Get Pics Of My Work – Also, Video Lighting for Webcams!

I never seem to take pics of my work, although everyone else I know takes tons of pics and spreads them all over facebook/instagram/etc. I need to get on that!

Anyway, here’s the first picture of my work I’ve got since like… last year. A beautiful ombre on a girl with belt length virgin hair. (How often does that walk in the door?!)

Sexy long Ombre Baliyage Hair Red Deer By Damien from Overdirected


Also, people ask how I get such good quality video out of my little webcam. (Not counting the last few Crosscheck episodes anyway). Here’s the secret:

Super simple 4 light setup for webcam video


Super cheap 4 light setup. All using those cheap aluminium reflector clamp lights from a hardware store ($20-$30 each). Two big sized ones, two small sized ones. All with CFL bulbs (the spirally kind) with a colour temp of 6500k (some bulbs say daylight but they’re really 5000k – read to make sure it’s 6500k). The big lights have 150 watt equivalent bulbs, the little reflectors (the two on the sides) have 60 watt equivalent bulbs.

On big light is placed as close to the camera as possible and looking down on my face, the other two on the sides, and there’s one big light up on the ceiling (I just clamped it to the light fixture on the ceiling) to light up the back of me.

Now, the thing that makes it look better than average is that I took white nylon fabric, cut out circles bigger than the reflector dishes, and then sewed them tightly over the dishes. (Just sewed around the lip of the rim)


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