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Once again, I will be speaking at a hair school. This is my second time ever!

This time I’ll be focusing on marketing yourself, getting clients, and maintaining clients through comprehensive customer service. Probably some retail strategy as well.

I’m trying to up my skills with every presentation I  give, so this time I’m making a slideshow (I don’t have powerpoint) to go along with the presentation, using videos, I intend to have more interaction with the audience. I want to use a girl to actually demo some points on giving a consistently good customer experience.

Talking to Ivan Zoot both before and after the show, and during CrossCheck TV (Episode 14) got me thinking a lot about the technical and practical aspects of presenting. That guy is good. You could throw just about any situation at him, and you can bet on him instantly reacting to it as though he had planned it that way.

I think I want to find more ways of getting myself in front of people – I need to build up a resume of speaking and educating.

I need to do something, anyway. All the people I look up to are making these crazy cool videos, and going to all these events, and I have to get in on it. Like it’s not something I want to  get in on, I have to find a way to take part in it.

I’m starting to see the potential ahead of me, I just need to make the jump (or jumps) required to get to it. First things first, I need to utilize everything I possibly can in the environment I’m in now. I’m going to try and find some other hairdressers interested in doing something fun, and put together some sort of something. I need some experience before I try to jump into the ring.

Also, in honor of the fact that it seems everyone and their dog knows about my thing with Redheads, here’s a picture of a hot redhead.


Redhead Ginger Girl

I’m not kidding when I say everyone knows, either. I tried to keep it under wraps so people wouldn’t think I was some crazy redhead creeper, but now just about everyone that watches CrossCheck knows, all the hairstylists I know know, everyone I work with, even a lot of my clients know! Even the Hair Nerds know!

Sigh… It’s not my fault I love redheads! I swear it’s some sort of genetic or chemical thing. I’m not shallow!!

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