New Clothes, 40lbs Lighter – Someone Play Eye Of The Tiger

Over the last 5 months I have been working towards being a real human again. I cannot begin to describe the effects of being socially isolated, supporting someone, getting depressed, losing all your money/self identity/etc. It is intense. But somehow… I lost so much weight that I am now the same size/weight as I was when I was 20. WHOA.

Totally leveled up my self esteem.

I had to get new clothes, my old (larger) ones were hilarious looking. It looked like I was a poor person wearing a sack cinched up around my waist with a rope. Now I just have to avoid the temptation of candy and ice cream… Forever… 🙁

I wish I had the coolness with my body to post one of those underwear before-and-after pics, but…yeah…no way. lol

But check this out – I am wearing 29×30 jeans. o.O

29x30 Jeans!!!

29×30 Jeans!!!

Yep. Now I can wear all my old shirts again. Ok…maybe not…all…

Me Hello Kitty

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