HuffPo Asked Me To Join A New Section On Their Page

Huffington Post Snapchat

No seriously. I do not know how this shit keeps happening to me, but I’ve been asked to give a TedX talk, I was asked to give the keynote speech at a conference at the University of San Francisco (Wtf, right? Like…first off, random, second off I’m just some vastly underqualified guy!), Al Jazeera used stuff of mine, and just a couple days ago I was asked to join a new section they’re launching on the Huffington Post site.

I thought about it, and thought yeah! Sure! I could do that!

Then I talked to the representative type person for a few days, and finally they sent me a contract to sign. I carefully read over it, and it’s fucking nuts.

They would have exclusive rights & control over ALL my YouTube channels (I have several, all for different things), all the websites I own (including this one!), all media (photos, video, writing, anything you could call “content”) and basically everything ever, from here on out…

…AND everything I had made thus far.


Especially since I wouldn’t get paid for anything. I would get the promise of increased hits and promotion, and a 60/40 split in my YouTube ad revenue.

That’s the modern day version of “But you’ll get great exposure!!”. Nuh-uh. I’ll stick to making $100 every 6 months on my Youtube. At least, while being completely unknown and making no money, it’ll pay for domain names and hosting and not remove my ownership of my content. Lol

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