My New Business Cards!

This seriously was the best design I could come up with. I am rubbish at designing things like this. The comments I’ve gotten about them from other people in the industry have ranged from: “Wow that’s cool! It feels really nice too.” to “Why’d you spend so much money on these? These other cards from this other place are better.” (I didn’t spend a lot of money, and they’re referring to a copy/print store that prints 500 cards for the same price but they’re all cheap paper & printing, and cut to shape all crappy)

I could have printed a million designs on the back, but I went for the very simple front, and two backs. One with the row of social media, and another with just FB and Twitter. I figure for the more internet literate, the FB/Twitter one is better because they can just add me, whereas getting them to go to my site to find a way to add me is one more leap to try to get from a potential client.

I did NOT put my phone number on there – even though it ends in 4247 – which is “Hair”. Lol

Mostly because I don’t want random people calling my phone, but also because working in a salon and handing out my own business cards with my own phone number on it is shady imho.

Also because my target demographic are all people who are more likely to use the internet than talk on a phone.



Here are the ones I ended up picking between. The font from the second one won, for legibility reasons.

Potential Business Cards

Potential Business Cards

Potential Business Cards

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