Step By Step: Making A Salon Ad From Scratch

My salon asked me to make them a Christmas ad for a bougey… bourgey… Umm… A fancypants magazine. They gave me some direction, including a look, they provided a wardrobe from designer Frank Sukhoo (who is great btw), hair, they called in an outside makeup artist (Noahh Karam, not a typo) and left the photography and editing to me. If you want to see some more current pretty pictures, or if you’re just awesome, please follow me on Instagram @DamienFossil!

Damien Fossil for Scissors Hair Studio in Ottawa (Hair Stylist & Photographer)
Finished Ad in LUXE Magazine

Like all projects that you do for someone else, many compromises have to be made – You may have some brilliant ideas for the finished look, for the hair or clothing etc, but yeah… You have to roll with the client&

#8217;s wishes.

This is a weird mix of things I’m proud of and things I have learned I need to improve, but let’s get to pictures!

Lana Original
Original Pic Straight Out Of Camera

You can see the straight out of the camera pic above, the first thing thing I did was brighten it, play with the shadows and highlights, etc and so forth and so on.

Then some Photoshopping to cut Lana out, so that I can combine her with Anne, another model (who is the cutest of humans) that we had for the shoot. I chose to shoot them separately because some stylists were faster than others, meaning I wouldn’t have a huge window of time with BOTH models and all the stylists free.

I made a background by sticking all the glowy things I could find into one massive sparkly glowfest, kept the colours very subtle and in keeping with the general theme of the magazine.

Yup! So that’s it. It was fun, it’s always a learning experience making stuff for other people since I’ve been able to just do whatever I want for the last…um…I’m not going to date myself, so let’s just say more than 5 years and less than 25 years…

@DamienFossil on Instagram, also I cohost the podcast Neurodivergent (About mental health, and everything else. On all podcast platforms!) with Kay from the BipolarPug YouTube channel!

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