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Chi Hand Shot Blow Dryer:


Chi Hand Show Blow Dryer Review


At First Glance:

It’s tiny. Like, not just for having no handle – it could be a portable blow dryer no problem. It’s only a bit bigger than the folding travel dryers.

Feels decently well made. Nice finish on the plastic.

The case does not get hot.

Comes with a concentrator nozzle and a diffuser (one of my pet peeves is when you have to buy a diffuser seperately. WTF?!) and a comby…thingy… For when you want to concentrate on what you’re combing…

Little red leather hand strap is a bit annoying. Could be used as a carrier handle for weinerdog puppies though, I suppose.

It puts out ridiculously hot air.


The Deets:

Like the rest of the Chi family, it’s 1500 watts. It puts out an ok airflow (I like dryers that can push some hardcore air though), and it has no shortage of heat – in fact, it puts out really, REALLY hot air. Even on the low setting. The cool setting is more like “warm”. I don’t think it was meant to be like this, I think they insulated the exterior case of the dryer really well (so that it wouldn’t burn your hands holding it) and didn’t realize that all the extra heat it was keeping off your hands would be shot out the front of the dryer.

The heat this thing puts out is so intense that you really have to be careful when you start using it. I’m sure at least once we’ve all  been chatting away, had our blowdryer on high, and accidentally gotten the client’s scalp a bit too hot. Well, with this dryer you could be paying attention, hold it still for a fraction of a second too long, and make your client jump. It’s an adjustment, is what I’m saying.

The cord seems strangely short. I compared with other dryers, and I guess it’s maybe just the added length of having a handle on the dryer – but it seems like no matter what, I’m always clotheslining my client with the cord when I use this dryer. Very annoying.

They at least made the nozzle snap in, instead of pressure-fit on, so that’s one good thing on their part. And the blowdryer is cool. I mean, it’s cute, and flashy, and just place cool.

It’s so small you could sell them as travel blow dryers – you could fit it into a duffel bag, carry-on luggage bag. They’re totally retail friendly.

Good for clients at home, scrunching curls. It’s just easy to hold in that position.


Where It Sits In My Kit:

In the bottom drawer of my trolley, along with the clippers I don’t use and the other stuff I’ve retired.


If This Blowdryer Was A Musician, Who Would It Be?

The Edge

Commercial friendly.


The Bottom Line:

Would I recommend this dryer: To clients only. And I would tell them about the excessive heat on the high setting.

Would I buy this dryer again: Probably not.


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