Blow Dryer Review: Ego Kompressor 2 comments

Ego Kompressor Blow Dryer:


Ego Kompact Blow Dryer


At First Glance:

It’s very very small. It’s like Austin Powers’ little Walther PPK parody gun.

The packaging is elaborately lush. (Which is nice, but I don’t really care about the packaging)

It feels very solid, very well made.

Nice satin finish that feels good, not cheap.

Very well balanced.

Nozzle snaps on.

You don’t get a diffuser with it.


The Deets:

It’s an 1800 watter, very well built. It puts out pretty hot air on it’s highest settings – hot enough you wouldn’t want to let it sit on the hair for longer than a second. It goes from hot to cool pretty quick when you hit the cool button, which is nice.  Good air pressure, it’s not a “travel size” dryer, it’s a full size dryer in a smaller package. The nozzle snaps into the barrel very easily, and is easy to remove, but is very secure and doesn’t feel like it’s going to wear out and start falling off. I had to buy the diffuser seperately, which is annoying, but the diffuser is well built and I like it.

There’s a filter on the intake that you can remove and clean by flipping the grill thing down. The cord is a smidgen longer than every other blow dryer I’ve had – not much longer, just a couple inches. But that actually makes it less likely to get stuck on the chair when you’re working around the client.

Other than that, there’s not much to speak about… It’s just a great dryer. It’s my favorite dryer! It just feels great, works great. It’s not cheap, but I really like it.


Where It Sits In My Kit:

It’s the blow dryer I use at work. Been using it for about 6-7 months now, and I’m still just as happy with it as when I got it.


If This Blowdryer Was A Musician, Who Would It Be?


A lot of rock in a compact package


The Bottom Line:

Would I recommend this dryer to clients? For sure. It’s beautifully made, beautifully packaged, it feels lush and high class and it works great.

Would I buy this dryer again? Absolutely. I’m not even tempted to try any other dryers.

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2 thoughts on “Blow Dryer Review: Ego Kompressor

  • Jessica

    Is there only 1 type of diffuser for the Ego dryers? The supply store I purchased my dryer at didn’t have the diffuser and I know they have a couple of different dryer styles. Just wondering if the same diffuser fits them all.

    • Overdirected Post author

      I think most of them use the same diffuser, but my Kompressor uses a different one. They had to special order the diffuser for my dryer (grr), and the girl I work next to has a different model Ego and it doesn’t fit hers.