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Kasho Design Master 30-t Thinning Shears

Kasho Design Master Thinning Shears


At First Glance:

These are pretty darned smooth for a lower price bracket thinning shear.

They do not grab hair at all.

They’re well balanced – they close as smooth as butter. You don’t feel the teeth as you close them.


The Deets:

The steel is… I have no idea. I’d guess a regular stainless steel, maybe molybdenum alloy (maybe – at this price point might not be). They feel solid, and well built though.

I feel comfortable closing them and pulling them through hair closed – and I don’t usually do that.

They’re smooth and cut well enough to point cut with them easily.

They are surprisingly high quality for such a low price point – You can find them for around $250. The quality you get for that is fantastic. They are leaps above the cheap thinners I was guilty of using before, and the cheap thinners a lot of stylists I know still use. (They just buy a new pair when the old pair “wears out”)

They’re much better than similarly priced thinners from a few “vanity shear” brands. (Kamisori for example)

My only gripe is the tension knob (It’s not bad, I just hate tension knobs. They should all die in a fire!), but for the quality of the shears vs the amount they cost, I can overlook that.


Kasho Design Master 30 Tooth Thinning Scissors


Where They Sit In My Kit:

They’re the only pair of thinning shears I use anymore. I don’t use thinning shears that often (I prefer to remove weight with a razor or with my regular shears), but they still get used a fair bit and they’ve held up admirably.


If These Shears Were A Musician, Who Would They Be?


More Cowbell

He’s got one job, but dammit if he doesn’t give it his all


The Bottom Line:

Would I buy these shears again: Yes.

Would I recommend these shears: Yes.

Is it worth paying more for Kasho thinners, instead of getting a cheaper thinner: Absolutely. Maybe not texturizers, but thinners definitely.


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