Mizutani Acro Type Z Shears 6″ (Shear Review) 7 comments

Mizutani Acro Nano/Type Z Shears 6″


Mizutani Nano Z Shears

Mizutani Nano Z Shears

 Be sure to check out my my video review of the Mizutani Acro Z Shears.


At First Glance:

Breathtaking crafstmanship

Feels like there is no tension even though the tension is adjusted correctly – very smooth

Powerful shears, no problem going through hair

VERY sharp

Handle design makes the shears very comfy

The look freakin  badass

Very lightweight


Mizutani Nano Z Shears

Mizutani Nano Z Shears


The Deets:

The steel is what Mizutani calls a “Nano Powder Metal”, produced by a special manufacturing process called Hot Isostatic Processing. By fusing uniform nano scale steel particles at high heat and pressure, it produces a steel they claim has extremely low impurities.

Other than that I don’t really know much about the shears other than the fact that they are really well crafted. Like most Mizutani shears, the handle design is surprisingly complicated and based on research on many hair stylists’ grip on shears, and it shows in how comfortable and easy the shears are to use.

They cut well, you don’t even feel them going through the hair – they are extremely sharp, so sharp that I would not necessarily recommend them for slide cutting.


Mizutani Nano Z Shears

Mizutani Nano Z Shears


Where They Sit In My Kit:

These are my standard go-to shears. For any hair type, they perform extremely well. They feel great, they fit my hand just right. My other shears have moved down a step.

I now use my other shears, Kashos etc, for when I’m slide cutting or cutting dry hair or hair that has product in it.


If These Shears Were A Musician, Who Would They Be?


Jimmy Page Mizutani Shears

Jimmy Page – What Can’t He Do?

Jimmy Page – What can’t he do?

The Bottom Line:

Would I buy these again:  I didn’t buy these shears, but I would now buy any Mizutani shears in a heartbeat.

Would I recommend these: To anyone, ever, over any other brand I have ever tried. Seriously. No bull.

Is it worth the price: Totally up to you. Mizutani shears are not cheap, but they are extremely well made, and you can tell that the company itself really loves what it does and isn’t just pumping out mass produced shears. I think  that despite the hefty price tag, they’re worth more than what they charge for them. They are simply fantastic shears.

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