iPhone vs Olympus OM-D E-M5
After I did my video on tips to get the most out of your iPhone camera for client pics, I thought it would be interesting to put two almost identical pictures  – one taken with my iPhone, one taken with my real camera – side by side. Both pictures here are […]

iPhone vs. Olympus OM-D E-M5 In Salon Photos!

I’ve been wanting to make a how-to guide on taking better pictures in the salon with your iphone for awhile, but getting an empty, quiet salon and a willing participant during the middle of the day has proved impossible. So I had a girl I work with run around the […]

The INCREDIBLY Basic Iphone Photo Guide for Hair Stylists

Hair cut Overdirected Banner
The more I photograph clients, the easier it gets. I was actually a little scared of asking people if I could photograph them at first, but not anymore! People seem excited to have their picture taken. And I think in clients actually have fun with it – They get a photo […]

Photograph Your Hair Client Challenge Pt. 6

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Another photograph of my regular in salon clients. Is it the most amazing hair ever? No. That’s not the point. I just want to document the regular girls (and guys) whose hair I do, not done up editorially, literally just a snapshot after their salon visit. This is my goal: […]

Photograph Your Hair Client Challenge Pt. 4

The more you photograph clients, the more easier it gets to get them to let you take their picture! I learned long ago that having a small portfolio with you will go a LONG way to getting someone to trust you. Having an iPad with some other photos you’ve taken […]

Photograph Your Hair Client Challenge Pt. 3