Public Speaking? Yeah, I Do That Like All The Time

The director of the hair school I went to called the salon today to get ahold of me – strange, I thought – and ask me to come back and give a little talk on…well, whatever I wanted to talk about really. Something useful to the girls in hair school.

How crazy is that?

It’s very cool imho, although I don’t know what to really build my talk around, because as you may know I have something of a potty mouth. And often endorse dissent among the ranks.

So now I’m trying to figure out some bullet points of topics to cover, this is what I have so far:

  • Failing
  • The many career paths you can take
  • Controlling your emotions will benefit you immensly
  • Respect the years other people have put into the industry
  • Bend. Be flexible, because it’s survival of the most adaptable, not the strongest
  • Clean and sweep
  • Punch your pride in the nuts
  • What a working relationship is and why it’s better than a personal relationship with your  co-workers
  • Middle aged women and older women are your bread and butter if you want to make money
  • Getting lazy
  • Platform artists


Any suggestions?

What would you tell a class of teenage girls in hairschool?

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