The Best Of Overdirected

I’ve been blogging for a few years here, and I’ve racked up a lot of posts over that time. I’ve put together a list of the coolest, most educational, and most eye catching posts for anyone who wants to just quickly hit the good stuff:

How-To: Quick & Dirty Product Photography – Take custom photos of products and things for your salon’s site/blog!

It’s A Woman’s World – My most controversial post, that I’ve received tons of private comments on but few people will speak their mind in public.

How To Light Webcam Videos Better (For Cheap) – Make videos with your webcam that look great, for little in the way of cost.

Fall Photoshoot – A ghetto photoshoot my salon did with some photograper clients!

The Important And Inevitability of Failure – On failing, and how to deal with it.

How To Get The Most Out Of Hair School – A video on how to make your education a good one.

Advice For Hair Colour Newbies – Simple advice on how to deal with common issues with hair colour.

Photoshoot Madness – Play by play description of a photoshoot I did.

Social Networking – A big ranty thing I wrote in reply to a thread on using social networking.

How To Choose What Hair Shears To Buy – In depth article on the details of hair shears.

Industry Rant – Why people who SHOULD be publishing stuff aren’t, and why there’s so much shitty hair content out there.

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