Dear Harry (The “Mizutani Sucks! Kiyoshi Sucks!” Guy) 13 comments

There’s a guy named Harry (Or at least, a dummy Youtube account named Harry) who has been trolling a silly video I made 5 years ago. The video is of me twirling shears around. I won’t waste your time with all the stuff I’m wasting my time with – condensed, this is his assertion: “Mizutani is garbage! Kiyoshi is a lying dirty salesman! All shears everywhere are crap! Also you’re an idiot!”

I’m really posting this hoping Harry will read it, because it’s easier than arguing over Youtube comments.

I’m engaging in conversation with him because I’m bored and it entertains me, but I am starting to feel a bit of pity and social responsibility now to help him learn how to interact with people better. I actually believe he’s behaving the way he does because he is trying to help the world. (Yeah, I know. lol)



Before I begin, here is mood music:



Cut down version. Harry, please read this so you understand what I’m asking. Pleeeeaaaaase!


Mizitani , as a quality tool , is crap! Not an opinion. That is a provable, scientific fact!

Ok, give me your evidence.

If you doubt anything that has been described by myself, to your discussion, all can be proven to anyone that has 2 eyes and half the amount of brain cells that are required to open a door.

Ok, give me your evidence.

You are a devoted … Hairbrained member so … you should have read much more on the hairbrained forums on tools. (Link to his blog post there)

(Blog post just says “Steel! Forged! Hardness! Convexed edge! Asian countries are the best!” with no information at all about anything)

Calling them all shit is not going to have you or anyone else understand what makes a quality scissor.

I know. Please give me the evidence for every time you’ve called things shit.

If you don’t have definite proof of what is a high quality finished shear, then I strongly suggest a education that has nothing to do with marketing!

But you claim to know – Please give me your evidence.

The Mizutani that you absolutely love is garbage ,coming from what is examined regarding the blade work . That can easily be shown so even yourself can understand, what you call Very well made shear, not being a very well made shear!

Sounds great – please give me your evidence.

soo. you finally figured out that the @75.00 shears are much better and more professional than your crappy Mizutani. what happened? Did Kiyoshi finally stop giving you free stuff in exchange for bogus reviews on his shears? I don’t know why! you are the world’s greatest trickster!

(What does this guy have against Kiyoshi and Mizutani?)

Damien. – you could have been a very successful writer! Do you have a agent? Damien, you know that , the Pulitzer prize will be awarded again this hear.

(Harry posted under another name, replying to himself. At exactly the same time. lol)

I am not telling you that anything is shit

Yes you are?

There are scientific facts that are too be explained as well as viewable by many, if that’s is what you want.

That is what I want.

Damien are you aware that steel in scissors are a very minor subject of importance.

Why is it the number 1 thing in the article you wrote?

All of the steel or metal stuff is about %10, value as to what anyone e will receive as the total package.

Why is it the number 1 thing in the article you wrote?

So how does one judge handwork? That would never be revealed by manufacturers

So why don’t you explain what you feel is lacking in the handiwork of Mizutani/most shears? (Give me your evidence)

a well made and finished shear should never be harmed by force pinching the blades. damaged or harmed as in edges s ripped up or edge micro chipping. That would be the start of the damage. The other major damage would occur from blade arc being made non stable from blade pressure causing early blade failure. BLADE ARC meaning blade torque flexibility , going haywire and changing the correct height of the blades. lastly, you may not have a clue as how to force pinch a shear. By using excess horizontal thumbhole pressure , would be a minor start. any thing else that you are needing in your shear educational program???

He said something other than “Mizutani is shit!”!

I asked for something about the steel, or forging, or other stuff he complains about.

The fact that %99 of all shear weather Japanese,Chinese or Taiwanese do damage when force pinching is not enough for your liking. you need more for educational purposes!

No, you’ve made a lot of bullshit claims.

All metal that is made for the shear industry is brought to shear manufacturers in sheet form. never in liquid form! never! The blades are initially stamped out in an approximate form to whatever pattern that is needed. That is how the blade process is started. In Japan there are approximately 5 makers of the raw steel that produce the steel that is sold to manufacturers of scissors.

He said something that’s actually an argument for his case! Again!

Do you not get the point that most shears damage by Horizontal thumb pressure and very few shears , do not! is that not enough to beleive that there are major differences in quality of handwork in the manufacturing of haircutting shears?

That could be true! Please give me your evidence.


Harry, buddy…friend…pal… Shit, my Canadian is showing.


Hey, buddy!

Hey, buddy!


You have to explain why you feel the way you do. That’s how conversation and arguments work. Also, to quote a late great hero of mine:

“What can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”

Meaning: Everything you say without direct, concrete evidence (Which you claim exists), doesn’t even register. It goes directly from your mouth, into the garbage because it’s not worth listening to. If we listened to everything everyone claimed, without having evidence for it, we would believe so much nonsense! Well…More anyway.

For example:

Did you know that your hair is actually made out of spaghetti noodles?! Don’t trust doctors and scientists! They’re all full of shit! They don’t even know how shears are crafted! You’re hair is spaghetti. Do not dispute me.


Update: Since posting this, he has commented a few more times.


You are a hairstylist!! That would be enough for most people to understand your shortcomings!

Ok. I’m not the one making claims here – attacking me, even if you’re right, does not make your points any stronger. Just makes you look like a jerk.

Mr. Hairstylist sir. The fact that all that I have described to you that the major issue regarding quality , in terms of absolute sharpness as well as ultimate durability has everything to do with the issue called HTP…

This is the first time you’ve mentioned HTP. In our 43 comment-long trollfight.

Unless HTP means heat treatment process, in which case you did mention it: “all tempering and metal treatments have very small value because all are very similar to one another.”

What is this HTP that you’ve described over and over (secretly, instead of posting)?

…what of more evidence that is needed to prove that quality handwork is responsible for all of this major issue with @99 of all scissor manufacturers , no matter what steel or metal is used!

What more evidence? Any evidence. I mean literally, any evidence. You have not given a single piece of evidence this whole time! haha

We all know you are a hairstylist. so I will speak a little slower.


If you are stating you need proof, then I feel sorry for you.

I’ve been saying “evidence”, but hey, if you can conclusively prove your points that’s cool too.

Damian ,since you are a hairstylist attempting to get recognized by other greats in the biz,I would strongly recommend that you give all that attempt to read your nobel prize winning editorials that instead of taking words or phrases out of context, that all should be shown in the raw!

This sentence makes no sense in any context. Yeah I’m making fun of your spelling and grammar, I got bored, ok?

Since you are revealing parts of what I have responded to your obvious hairstyling abilities,it does not sit well with me. at least you have shown what kind of an individual that you are! and you feel sorry for me? huh??

I…what? I am so lost. I can guess that you started writing previous comments as you were reading what I wrote, and then after posting a couple got to a point where I made you really angry. Lol

I will post the ENTIRE comment log here though. I actually had the whole thing when I wrote this, but it was too damned long. I didn’t take you out of context at all, I left all the context in and just deleted stuff that didn’t need to be there. If anyone (Who isn’t you.) wants to read this and the whole comment thing (Good luck), I welcome them to compare the two and show me where I took you out of context.

(Click here for the painfully long, unreadable Youtube comments)

Damian, what does alloy or liquid steel and mixing them together have any remote importance to the shear having poor quality handwork?

It doesn’t? Perhaps I didn’t write it well enough (Or “speak slowly” for a poor shear billy) but I was addressing your claims about the quality of steel, forging/casting, craftsmanship, durability, and other things. Also, surely the steel must impact the handiwork? If it it’s what you want, you’ll break it, bend it, chip it, it won’t hold an edge, it’ll be brittle, hard to work with, etc.

Is it possible that you are so ignorant or closed to the issue of poor handwork on most scissors,that you ask , I really don’t want to say “dumb” questions that have no relevance to poor work on scissors!

Ok, one: Jerk.

Two: I’m not closed minded to poor work on shears – I have literally been asking you to tell me about it all day. Literally in the literal sense, not metaphorically.

Three: You’ve switched to talking exclusively about handiwork now, rather than on the quality of shears and how Mizutani and Kiyoshi suck. (I know you have other places, you’ve just never named specific people before)

Maybe because you feel safer and like you can hide behind “handiwork” because then it’s harder to call you out on whining without showing anything, whereas if it was about factory process or the shear company themselves (which you’ve talked about), it’s too easy for someone to point and say “You don’t have anything to show about these things. You’re just complaining without backup.”

As I have previously stated, all machine and handwork comprises %90 OF THE QUALITY of the overall product! is there a disconnect here? or do you get it?

Oh, now machine work is back? Not just hand crafting? Do you actually know what you’re talking about?

I don’t mean “Do you know anything about shears”, I mean do you actually know what thoughts in your head you’re trying to express?

Ok I think I’m getting snarky… Sorry, bud. I’ll try to behave better guy.

All of information that you spout about steels are actual worthless! GIVE ME PROOF! I WANT PROOF! YOU ARE NOT GIVING ME PROOF! I AM A HAIR. STYLIST. I NEED TO LET ALL THAT YOU KNOW, THAST YOU RULE S N EXPERT SHER GUY! you got my vote!! LOL

…Did you just physically headbutt your keyboard while you were writing? Haha

Everything I have written about shears COULD be totally wrong! I am not a shear manufacturer! It’s just waiting to be proven wrong and for me to learn more – which has already happened several times, as the thing I wrote about choosing hair shears was corrected by a couple people much smarter than me and much nicer than you.

I’ll reply to your YT comment and let you know that I have updated this post, just to be a nice guy and because you think I’m taking all your comments and picking them out of context to be horribly and cruel.

Update #2: Hopefully The Last One

He replied some more. The latest comments:

“Professor Damien. HTP., has been coined by that legendary scissor manufacturer HIKARI. have you heard of them previously?”

So why didn’t you say that before? You know, when I was asking you for more information. This whole time. lol

I know that you have no clue as to what I am referring to. Even though your writings prove that you know extremely little on this subject matter! Not an opinion. Just verified Facts! am I boring you, Damien, you super star of stars?

You could be teaching me – You could have written from the start some of the things you were complaining about? Ugh.

And no, you’re not boring me. You’re just weird.

Professor Damian

Dr. Damien, please. I didn’t spend 10 years in highschool to…I mean…doctor…school…

Mizutani acro shears video, making the statement that they are definitely not a cookie cutter shear or made in that fashion ,is quite wrong and misleading!

You must be aware that all shear handles are cookie cutter castings! The blade are stamped out of sheeted material!

Damian, that all sounds as if they are exactly cookie cutter manufacturing! Has anyone attempted to take legal action against you for falsified claims?

“Cookie cutter” the figure of speech, is different from “Stamped” or “Laser cut” or “Cnc’d” or any of the other terms for what you’re talking about. Come on, you’re grasping for insults now. lol

And no, nobody has threatened to take legal action against me for saying cookie cutter which was obviously misleading to someone. (You)

If you’ll excuse me now, I’m going to go cookie cut a chassis out of sheet aluminum for my Delorian. ‘Cuz that’s what you call it.

That shake and shimmy that you perform in this video ,is actually the most valuable piece of expertise that has been shown to one and all!!!

Sir, I am not looking for a romantic partner at this time.

!. not only do I claim that you are taking words or statements out of context, but also you are installing words that have never been said by myself!

I have literally copied and pasted your comments. Find a word I put in. I dare you.


The Full Screenshotted Comments. (Click If You Are A Masochist)

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    • Overdirected Post author

      No, Harry, I’m just bored of your weird ranting about how I shimmy and shake. (Wha?)
      I screenshotted the ENTIRE YouTube trolling though, so I can post that if you’d like?

      • Harry Leee

        You are a waste of anyone’s time and effort. You have skirted all issues which I have brought to the forefront. Get a job!!! . Your shake and shimmy is all you have! That’s saying an enormous amount.

          • Overdirected Post author

            Dude, stop being a jerk. If you keep being a jerk, I’m just going to delete all your comments again, and then you’ll accuse me of covering up all your accusations (or whatever calling me the “Shimmy and shake guy” is) and whine more. This is my website that I am allowing each of your comments to go on, I have zero obligation to approve your comments.

          • Harry Leee

            #1 .You are a waste of humanity. You want to delete my responses!! Are you so fucked up that you believe that I need to be here for your entertainment!
            You are a sad case of a zero abilities. From every point of view. All that look at your fuckrd up video crap cone from the hair industry. Who the fuck would watch your shit , you are an abortion of any entertainment. You can’t cut hair you are pure shit as a photographer. You sonnd as if you are what you are are . A pure dips hit, attempting to educate or entertain. You are worthless dog shit. Get fucking lost. You are an excuse for Canadian sewage. Is there a reason on why you can’t get a job. I dunno why! Hahahaha! You fucking talking to me! DUDE.

          • Overdirected Post author

            Sigh… I WAS talking to you, but I feel no need to keep feeding the trolls, Harry.

    • Harry Leee

      Feeding the Troll??? Do you actually feel this is a positive for yourself. ? Do you really feel as if I’m the troll. Why don’t you examine yourself.! Look at the industry that you desperately need to be a part of. You calling me a troll? Guess what others think of you. ? Nor does matter. I believe that I’ll get over what you have been calling me. At least I’ll try to continue my trolling ways. Thanks to you for opening up what I thought I never had in me. I will repeat you are a coward and hide behind behind your worthless blog!
      Get fucking lost!!

      • Harry Leee

        BTW. You Canadian turd. Your heading of me saying Mizutani sucks or Kiyoshi sucks has never ever been said by me. You are a pure piece of shit to even begin to insinuate that t I ever said that. GO FIND THST STAEMENT YOU FUCKEd UP IMBECILLE: !!! I find KIYOSHI AnD MIZUTANI, much more describtive that. SUCKS!
        FUCK OFF!!

      • Harry Leee

        Dammien . You CanadianTurd! Where did the Heading of Kiyoshi sucks and Mizutani sucks come from? I know that I never said that ! You are a pure piece of rotted out shit” I would strongly suggest that you find that comment that I supposed said. Guess why? Because you , Damien being an unemployed Imbecille will not alleviate your responsibilities for falsifying statements arryributed to myself.
        Problem is you are actually worthless, in every way possible.
        Get your facts and statements straight. Guess why!