I Am Damien Fossil. I Mean Laliberte.

Looks like I have to change my name forever. Damien Fossil > Damien Laliberte for many reasons, not the least of which is that I got it on just about every social platform out there. Whoo! Do you know how HARD it is to think of a name that:

  • Doesn’t suck too bad
  • Is free on Flickr
  • Is free on Instagram
  • Is free on Twitter
  • Is free on Facebook
  • Is free on Pinterest
  • Is free on Tumblr
  • Has a free domain name: DamienFossil.com
  • Is free on…I don’t know…Reddit? Wherever else people go
  • Is short with few syllables/complications
  • Is composed of easily memorable words
  • Doesn’t suck too bad

(Very hard is the answer. I just emailed whoever owns Damien Fossil as a gmail address, just to see if it’s active and if the owner would part with it. Haha)

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