Wasabi 7 Tooth Texturizing Shears (Review)

Wasabi 7 Tooth Texurizing Shears


Kai Wasabi 7 Tooth Texurizing Shears Review


At first glance:

Mine feel a bit clunky. That might just be the way all texturizers feel with big’ol chiclet teeth like that, but I was hoping for something a bit smoother.

They’re a bit thick – they seem meatier than a lot of other shears.

They’re 5.5″, which is just fine for what I use these shears for.

There’s nothing precision, smooth, or luxury about these texturizers – they’re a tool to get the job done, and that’s it.


Wasabi (By Kasho) 7 Tooth Texurizing Scissors Review


The Deets:

Not sure what steel these are made of – probably plain old stainless steel, maybe an alloy with molybdenum. (Hard to tell with the lower price point these have.)

They are semi-convex, which is like kinda, sorta convex…ish. But better than a bevelled edge.

The pair I bought, I had to send to be serviced because they caught on the first tooth. Obviously they were bent, or out of alignment in some way. They repaired them under warranty at the Kasho service center (Wasabi is/was distributed by Kai, Kasho’s parent company) and when I got them back, they worked fine. I could see they removed some steel off the first couple teeth, but I really didn’t care – these are budget priced shears that fit a narrow niche in my toolkit, so they’re adequate for what I need.

They don’t grab hair, but then I don’t haphazardly cut and yank my shears out of people’s hair with them still closed. At least, not with big texturizers.

They’ve stayed sharp, but I don’t use them often.


Where They Sit In My Kit:

They don’t get out much, I  really only pull them out on select heads of hair and certain types of haircuts. A lot of the time I texturize with a razor or just with my regular shears, but every now and then I like to use some big fat chiclet-teeth texturizers. Mostly on my friend Colin.

If These Shears Were A Musician, Who Would They Be?


I wrote a song about an octopus.

The Bottom Line:

Would I recommend these shears? Not if there were better options.

Would I buy these shears again? Probably not – I’d be willing to gamble on something else.

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